Donations and Monetization

Thank you for considering donating to the continuation and development of our servers. All donations go through our business PayPal and are used to pay for the monthly cost of the server as well as our custom mod development. These donations do not go anywhere else, there is no link to anyone’s bank account. The money is never withdrawn. It is used purely as a pool for the monthly upkeep to our hosting service and paying for models to import.

For your donation we will offer custom retextured in game items of your choosing to be made in your liking. These items will then be made available to everyone on the server, typically through the in-game market.

Retextured means, only the texture of the item will be offered. We will not offer to alter stats of in game items to benefit the player.

NOTE: Upon completion and after the mod has been updated with retextured items, we will NOT spawn them in for you. You and every other player will be able to buy them for in game currency or find them through out the game world.


Offers are as follows:

Any donation $5 and below: Your choice of a flag, gear patch, or armband retexture.

Any donation $10 or more: Any 1 item of your choice to be retextured.

Any donation $20 or more: Any 1 firearm of your choice to be retextured.

Keep in mind, these offers can be stacked. For example: A donation of $50 would be honored with the offer of any 5 items, and any 2 firearm retextures.


Donations are NOT REQUIRED but are massively appreciated.

All donations are final and cannot be refunded.